Prof Jun Ma

Dr. Jun Ma is professor of Harbin Institute of Technology, and the Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. He is the first Changjiang Scholar Professor in Water and Wastewater Engineering in China and now is the Director of the National Engineering Research Center of Urban Water Resources, China. His interest has been in the area of Water and Wastewater Treatment. Specifically, his research interests include: (i) oxidation processes involving permanganate, ferrate, ozone, persulfate, UV, Fenton and Fenton-like oxidation; (ii) interface against pollution such as nanoparticles, adsorption, coagulation, dissolved air flotation; (iii) membrane processes of ultrafiltration, forward osmosis, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis; (iv) micropollutant removal such as EDCs, POPs, heavy metals, and control of DBPs formation. He is the recipient of the “Sustainable Water Award” of the Royal Society of Chemistry (2016). He is the recipient of the Honor Award for Scientific Excellence by the American Chemical Society in 2017. He also received two National Inventory Awards from the Chinese Government. He is the recipient of the China Young Scientist Award (one of the ten recipients in 2006), and the Achievement Award of Changjiang Scholars (Engineering Science Award, the single recipient in 2007 in China). He holds 6 US patents, over 120 Chinese Invention patents, and over 300 peer-reviewed international journal papers. He is the recipient of the Super Reviewer Award and Excellence in Review Award of the journal of Environmental Science and Technology. He is the Associate Editor of IWA’s official journal Water Research. He is also the Associate Editor of ACS Journal of ES&T-Engineering. He is the Advisory Board Editorial Member of “Environmental Science and Technology Letter” and RSC Journal of “Environmental Science: Water Research and Technology”.

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